Eating Green

A converted vintage horse trailer that brings the very best freshly prepared regional food to your event.

Eating green.

We try hard to cut down our food miles by sourcing the very best fresh produce locally. Our core ingredients come from known independent suppliers.

Our tea, coffee and hot chocolate are all Fair Trade.


We carefully research the materials and methods used to make our cups, trays and bags.


Energy responsible.

When not connected to mains electricity all of our energy comes from bottled lpg gas and an lpg generator.


LPG can emit up to 50% less CO2 than petrol equivalent generators. Also virtually no particulates emissions and less NOX and SOX.

Less noise pollution, cleaner and tidier for the surrounding areas. No filling from dirty fuel cans and changing cylinders is quick, easy and clean.

Significant fuel savings compared to petrol and diesel plus increased engine life – LPG burns cleaner so less strain on the engine – making it last longer.


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We're trying hard to do the right things.

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